Technology & Innovation:

Our quality and innovation standards make us a leading supplier to process industries. Quantum and incremental innovations lead to products that are future-ready.

We consistently bring new and innovative products to the market. Several of our products have received awards for innovation and energy saving. We also have several patented designs like the Minimax Modular Boiler, the Thermodynamic Trap, the Vortex Flowmeter, the Compact Module Two Orifice Float Trap and Biosens, a revolutionary new analyser for instant BOD analysis.

Research & Development:

Research and Development has always had an important role at Forbes Marshall. A central R&D department closely integrates its efforts into the operation of each division and has brought several innovations to the market.

Our Research & Development constantly develops new products that add value to customer processes. Our joint venture partners and collaborators are pioneers in their industry and lead the field in the development of innovative, effective and reliable solutions to the challenges of the process industry today. Many of these partners rely on Forbes Marshall for a synergistic two-way collaboration in technology, manufacturing and research.

A steady flow of new products from our R & D helps our customers to increase the efficiency and output of their processes.