Our Values:

I] FM Family Spirit:
  1. Care and Respect: For our members and his or her family, regardless of role and level
  2. Nurturing Capability: To provide a secure environment for each member to develop to their maximum and to contribute in full
  3. Candor and Transparency: The confidence to voice opinion, criticize constructively and work to change things, policies and practices one disagrees with.
  4. Fairness and Mutual trust
  5. Individual Accountability: Where each member does his or her best

Keywords: Constructive criticism; Fairness and mutual trust; Nurture capabilities; Individual accountability; Care and respect

What FM Family Spirit means:

As an organisation:
  1. We shall treat each member regardless of role with respect and dignity
  2. We shall create a strong Learning and Development Culture to nurture capabilities of our team
  3. We shall have clear career paths and development plans for our members
  4. We will create a system for continuous improvement by questioning and challenging our practices and processes
  5. We will encourage constructive criticism in the organization
  6. We shall have safe working practices always
  7. We shall take honest and fair decisions

As a member:
  1. I have learnt and understood what the FM Family Spirit stands for and will follow it
  2. I will create a culture of fair and transparent working by sharing information, knowledge and experience with my colleagues to help achieve our goals
  3. I will volunteer to help when my colleagues need it
  4. To maintain the utmost level of trust I shall not start any rumors, and shall help stop any when I become aware of them

II] Integrity:

  1. Ethical behaviour: In everything we do
  2. Commitment: Saying or doing what you really believe in and adhering to commitments made
  3. Speaking up: If something wrong is happening, bring it up

Keywords: Honesty; Ethics; Commitment; Courage

What integrity means:

As an organisation:

  1. We shall always use ethical means when dealing with anyone
  2. We shall never compromise on quality standards of our products and services
  3. We shall take an upright stand against people who do not follow ethical practices
  4. We shall deliver on our commitments always

As a member:

  1. I will behave ethically in everything I do
  2. I will not engage in any business relationship or activity that might be in conflict of interest with FM
  3. I shall honor the commitments that I make and sincerely attempt to keep each one made

III] Innovation and Entrepreneurship:
  1. Innovation: To constantly bring new initiatives to bear, to do so in the confidence that failure may occur and is to be learnt from, but not trying is unacceptable
  2. Freedom: To do this in an environment of great freedom, where leaders can emerge at all levels, and where individuals are trusted to do what is best for the organisation
  3. Entrepreneurship: To articulate a vision of the future and make it happen come what may

Keywords: Initiative; Experiment; Leadership; Risk taking

What Innovation and Entrepreneurship means:
As an organisation:

  1. We will encourage thinking which has a vision for the future
  2. We will encourage our members to try new things that are in the Organization's interest
  3. We shall not punish failure for trying something new, but shall be much less tolerant for not trying

As a member:

  1. I shall choose to act in the organization's interest without being told
  2. I will use the freedom extended to me to experiment
  3. I will see failure as a natural path to learning
  4. I will own initiatives in full and deliver on them as far as possible

IV] Value delivery to our Customers, Members and Society:

  1. Value to our Customers: We shall deliver excellent knowledge, services and products through a distinctive sales approach
  2. Value to our Members: Members can grow to their fullest potential working in high performing teams
  3. Value to our Society: By being a responsible citizen and by improving the lives of people around us

Keywords: Value delivery; Teamwork; Excellence; Quality; Community development; proud heritage

What Value Delivery means:

As an organisation:

  1. We will deliver excellent products and services.
  2. We will not compromise on Quality.
  3. We will adopt a Sales approach that is different and which sets us apart from what others offer.
  4. While we expect our Members to perform to the fullest we shall also respect them and treat them with dignity.
  5. We shall always remember our obligation to serve the Community wherever and whenever possible

As a member:

  1. I will stretch myself to serve my customers - both internal and external.
  2. I shall facilitate the growth of my team and the Organization.
  3. I am accountable for my tasks and results.
  4. I shall strive for Excellence in whatever I do.
  5. I will volunteer for tasks that FM takes on to serve Society

Our Value Council

Our values create a code of conduct for our Members. As such we have created a body to hold ourselves accountable for behaving in accordance with our values. The value council is an independent, unbiased body created to review any behavioural transgressions that go against the spirit of our values. Issues that come before the council can be as simple as a pattern of unkind language or as serious as fraud. The council, consisting of a rotational, cross-functional team of Members, has full authority in determining the consequences for issues brought before them.