Multi Utility Reactors

Ambient temp Degc
Surface temperature degC
Product-1 | kg/batch
Cp of Product-1 kCal/kg
Product-2 | kg/batch
Cp of Product-2 kCal/kg
Initial temp oC
Final Temp oC
Vessel Weight kg
Vessel Area m2
Steam pressure kg/cm2
Hot water Delta T Degc
Heating Time Hrs
No of Batches Batch/
Ideal Steam consumption kg/batch
Ideal Steam flow rate kg/hr
Water flow per batch kg/batch
Water flow per hour kg/hr
Daily Steam consumption Kg/Day
Losses in Existing Steam System
Steam Trap Status
Trap By-pass valve Status
By-pass Valve size mm
Percentage of By-pass
Temperature overshoot
of Process
Proposed Savings with
Steam FM Steam System