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FORBES MARSHALL ARCA, in joint venture with ARCA Regler of Germany, manufactures high-accuracy and high-reliability control valves, desuperheaters, roboters, positioners, and pressure reducing and desuperheating stations.

FORBES MARSHALL ARCA control valves and actuators are designed to cater to a variety of industrial control applications like steam, liquids and gases. Our control valves are modular in design and versatile in construction. All our valves, desuperheaters and stations are manufactured using the most sophisticated CNC machinery, designed to be troublefree, with minimum maintenance required.

All our products are tested in our sophisticated testing facility at our manufacturing plants. Every control and of/off valve is calibrated on a state of the art calibration rig to ensure optimum onsite performance. From extreme temperatures and pressures to precision control applications, our Arca range of valves will be the most dependable assets on your process line.