Steam Solutions for Tire and Rubber Industry

Constantly driven by the latest innovations and emerging technologies, tyre industry is ever expanding. Major Steam consuming area is the curing section which consumes about 70% of the total steam. Other steam consuming areas are banburry, calorifier, DIP units, calendar, and furnace oil heating.

In tyre industry, huge savings potential exists across the entire steam and condensate loop- generation, distribution, trapping and condensate and flash recovery.   We have been partnering with tyre industry for decades and our proven expertise has helped many tyre companies to bring their fuel costs down.
Industry best tyre plants, running at specific fuel consumption of 120 (kg of FO per ton of tyre) are designed by Forbes Marshall and are built by using our high quality products. Through our products and services, we have brought down the industry benchmark from 210 to 120 (kg of FO per ton of tyre).

Solutions for Steam System:

1.    Forbes Marshall have helped tyre plants save 35% on their fuel bills, 6% by improving steam to fuel ratio 29% by reducing the specific steam consumption.

2.    We offer high efficiency steam boilers with a turndown in excess of 30% to 100% % to meet the process steam load fluctuations. Our online Efficiency Monitoring and control system ensure the boiler operations at rated efficiencies across the range.

3.    Right pressure-temperature control systems by Forbes Marshall along with efficient trapping and monitoring systems contribute for reduction of specific steam consumption and ensure optimum product quality.

4.    Energy services for existing plants and Greenfield projects, provided by Forbes Marshall optimize the steam system for safety, efficiency and reliability. Our specialised audits cut through all the hassles resulting in increased throughput, better product quality, reduced down time and coherence with compliances

5.    Next practices and technologies like DIP heat recovery, heat recovery from blowdown, hot water, high pressure flushing steam recovery from curing cycles further reduce the specific fuel consumption

Our Offerings: 

Steam Traps for Mainline

Clean Steam Products

Pipeline Accessories

Clean Steam Products

Steam Metering

Isolation Valves

Steam Traps for Process Applications

Steam Traps for Tracing

Monitoring Systems for Steam Traps

Temperature Control Systems

Pressure Reduction

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Condensate Recovery Systems