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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

    Can I automate my entire plant?

If your plant is not automated, we need to know how old the manual control systems are & when you are planning for an upgrade. We can help you.
If your plant is partly automated e.g. process automation of one of the processes in the plant or it could be even automation of equipment. Which are the sections that have been automated? Which sections are still running old systems? Which control system are you using – for example Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)/ Distributed Control System (DCS) / Production Control System / SCADA etc. Tell us the make; model nos; system commissioned date; system architecture and the total I/Os. We can help you.

•    Is there a scope of automation in my new upcoming project/ up-gradation plans?

Yes, there always is ample scope for automation. We need to know the application; which are the sections you intend to add together in the control system; total I/O (plant wise; category wise).

•    If a ready enquiry is to be given to Forbes Marshall, what details would you need?

We would need from you the following :
  1. System architecture drawings availability
  2. I/O segregation plant wise (Locally & remote locations)
  3. No. of PCs (operating stations/ Engineering stations/ Servers)
  4. Distances between each control rooms; distance between panels & PCs.

•    What information should be provided about my Project schedule & execution plan?

We would need from you the following :
  1. Project budget sanctioned or not? For which financial year? Is it CAPEX/ Revenue budget?
  2. Any consultant has been appointed for the project or plant team will do engineering?
  3. Details about consultant; are we approved? If No, what is the procedure? How you will help us get the approval done? Generally which vendors do your Consultant prefer?

•    What inputs are required about other vendors who are bidding for the project?

We would need from you the following inputs :
  1. Is there any existing installed base for others? Which make of products/systems are they offering?
  2. What are the drawbacks of the existing system from your point of view (system stability/ spare availability / after sales service support)
  3. Project cost of the last system that you bought & system capability
  4. Are your different Units running on the same make control system or something else?
  5. Background of your plant people in their previous work experience. Which make system have they worked on earlier?
  6. What inputs do you need after getting enquiry from us, before/ after submission of your offer?

We would need the following inputs :
  1. Who are the other vendors who have submitted their offer?
  2. Which system have they offered?
  3. Their system architecture
  4. Model nos of CPU, I/Os, Communication, Software license, PC quantity & specification
  5. Scope of work
  6. Quoted directly by OEM or system integrator?
  7. Service support commitments
  8. Proposed payment terms

•    What kind of Technical information we can give during discussion stage?

We can give you following inputs :

  1. Our credentials: PO copies & reference letter copies from existing users.
  2. What kind of applications we’ve handled? : We can tell you about our earlier supplies to Sugar plants, chemical plants, CPP, utility of Power plants etc. Our latest  system is now capable to handle much larger I/O capacity than what we have supplied.
  3. Where is it being manufactured? : All our Development, testing & manufacturing is being done in our Pune factory
  4. What kind of architecture it works in? : For smaller application (less than 3000 I/O) it works in Node based architecture; for higher capacity system it can work as Server-client architecture.
  5. Is the system fully redundant? : Yes. CPU, Power supply, I/O Bus, I/Os are redundant.
  6. How fast is the CPU ?: On 40% loading it can handle 2500 I/Os, 400+ closed PID loops.
  7. Memory capacity of CPU: 256 MB programmable memory, 1 GB RAM
  8. Are CPU & I/Os Hot swappable? : Yes
  9.  How user friendly is the software? : Engineering software is IEC 61131-3 based, all 5 types of languages are available. HMI is very user friendly windows based, easy to navigate, all standard features are pre-loaded.
  10. Which make PC do we offer? : IBM/HP/DELL etc. as per user’s choice.
  11. How many days can the history be stored? : It depends on PC hard disk size; it can store the data upto 2 yrs.
  12. How good is our after sales service support? : Our trained, expert service engineers are available at our all 26 branch offices and can reach site in few hrs. Also our big team of Engineering & service people is available at HO, Pune.
  13. How competitive is our DCS compared to other reputed manufacturers in the market? As we are the only DCS vendor who are manufacturing in India, we are mostly cost effective in all cases.