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1)     Why do we need vibration monitoring?

It is essential to monitor critical machines in the plants for increasing their efficiency and reliability. Hence real time vibration monitoring is the key to reduce frequent failures of machinery & keep high uptime.
2)     What causes vibrations?

Unbalance of shaft, Bearing problem, Cracking of the rings, Fluid coupling problem, Shaft misalignment, Oil whirl and other dynamic instabilities
3)     What is on line monitoring of vibrations?

Time Based Maintenance System (TBM) is called preventive maintenance. One can extend the life of the machines by monitoring these online in a cost effective way. Vibration Monitoring and Analysis is the easiest way to keep machines healthy and efficient in the long run and increase the overall efficiency of the plant. It reduces the overall operating cost as well as the down time period. Vibration sensors are used to predict faults in a running machine without dismantling it and give a clear indication of the severity by showing the amplitude of vibration.
4) Where do we need on-line vibration monitor?

In power plants rotating machines are divided according to their criticality into three categories as shown in the triangle below.
  • First critical machine – Turbine and generatorSecondary critical machines – ID fan, FD fan, PA fan, and boiler feed pump, cooling water pump, condensate extra pump, critical large HT motors of mills and other large motors.
  • Balance of plant machines - Coal handling plant crushers, cooling tower fans, raw water pumps and make up water pumps
This explains where Vibration Monitoring is required and how critical is each machine if there is shut down. For taking the machines for maintenance we need to know the healthy state of the machine without dismantling it. This is possible only by online monitoring.
5) What are the types of sensors for vibration monitoring?

The three principal vibration sensor types are displacement, velocity, and accelerometer. The displacement transducer is an eddy current device, the velocity transducer is often a spring held magnet moving through a coil of wire or piezo velocity sensor, and the accelerometer is a piezoelectric device somewhat similar to ultrasonic transducers.
6) What is the benefit of vibration monitoring?

With vibration Monitoring system, we can prevent problems from arising and this saves a lot of time, money, and avoids frustration.
  •  To increase equipment protection
  •  To improve safety for personnel
  • To improve maintenance procedures
  • To detect problems early
  • To avoid catastrophic failures
  • To extend equipment life
  • To enhance operations
7) What is the benefits of Analysis & diagnostic Software?

Vibration analysis & diagnostic system that is applicable to a variety of rotating machinery, helps safe operation and to improve operational efficiency. It precisely keeps track of and quickly feeds back conditions of rotating machinery which are the key production assets of plants.
It Helps customers improve productivity and reliability by optimizing plant operation.
  • Detects abnormal symptoms from vibration characteristics or subtle changes in vibration. Reduces risks of unplanned production shutdown by taking proactive approach.
  • Advanced diagnostics realize assumption of causes and areas of anomalies and detailed analysis. Help users practice optimum, efficient maintenance.