pH & ORP Electrodes
A variety of pH and Redox sensors are available that can measure in the most demanding process application. Our sensors are reliable tools for application-oriented use and are characterized by the highest quality, long life and competitive price. Our understanding of your process coupled with our product expertise ensures that you have the right solution for your application.
Conductivity Electrodes
Forbes Marshall offers complete range 2-pole and 4-pole conductivity sensors. This sensors are available in various process connection and fitting as required by the process. Our 12 and 25 mm 4-pole sensors have unique linearity and are steam sterilizable too.
Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes
Our family of DO sensors has been continuously extended and now comprises of three groups. The Sterilizable and autoclavable OXYFERM sensors represent a new standard in biotechnology. The OXYGOLD sensor with its very low limit of detection has ideal properties for applications in brewing, boiler feed water and for all applications requiring a low limit of detection. The OXYSENS sensors have been developed as 100% maintenance free, low cost sensors for water management and fish farming.