Bimetallic Temperature Gauge Bimetallic Temperature Gauge (TG-BM)
The bimetallic thermometer has a quick reacting bi-metal coil manufactured from two cold-welded metal strips with different thermal expansion coefficients which rotate in proportion to temperature.
Every Angle Temperature Gauge (EB)
The EB model: Every angle Bi-metallic thermo meter is a quick reacting bimetal coil.
SS Case Gas Filled Temperature Gauge(TG-GF)
The Gas Filled Dial Thermometer consists of a stem, capillary, and bourdon tube in a case filled with an inert gas such as nitrogen, as standard,under pressure & the deflection in the bourdon tube changes the movement in the pointer.
Thermowells (TW)
Thermowells in conductive materials are used to separate the thermometer from the media.