In your process you move steam, use steam, depressurize steam, inject steam, throttle steam, condense steam, and reuse steam's heat. We make products that increase the efficiency of your entire process to save you energy and money. At every stage of your process, you need steam at the right pressure, the right temperature and the correct dryness.

We manufacture a range of products that ensure the steam reaching your equipment is exactly what your process needs at each and every stage. Our range of steam traps are available in all types, sizes and materials. So when we recommend a trap for your application, you can be sure it meets your requirements perfectly, not just our product range. Our Metering systems tell you exactly how much steam is going where. Our Pressure reducing stations ensure a fine control on pressure and temperature.

Steam Traps for Mainline

Steam Traps for removing condensate from steam distribution lines
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Thermodynamic Steam Trap
Thermodynamic steam traps with inbuilt strainer and full stainless steel construction, best suited for header and mainline drains and drop legs.
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Compact Module: Thermodynamic Trap
Compact steam trap station with thermodynamic steam trap
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Forbes Marshall Bucket Trap
Forbes Marshall Bucket Trap is the ideal solution for high pressure condensate recovery.
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Forbes Marshall Liquid Drain Trap
The Forbes Marshall Liquid Drain Trap is a condensate drain trap made of cast steel body and cover.
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Forbes Marshall Air Eliminator
Forbes Marshall Air Eliminators are ideal for air removal from liquid lines.
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Bimetallic Thermostatic Steam Trap
Forbes Marshall Bimetallic Steam Traps are thermostatic steam traps which work based on difference between temperature of condensate and steam

Pipeline Accessories

We provide a wide range of accessories for efficient steam distribution
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Air Vents for Steam Systems
Forbes Marshall air vents effectively remove air from the system
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One  Strainer upstream of every trap, control valve, and flowmeter can avoid damage to these costly equipment. Available in Y or T type designs, our strainers remove suspended grit from steam and condensate that would otherwise damage the downstream equipment.
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Moisture Separator
 Moisture separators effectively remove entrained moisture from steam and compressed air systems, improving the efficiency of heat transfer and the life of the system.
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Tracer Line Trap
Instrument tracer line traps are the high quality balanced pressure thermostatic steam traps designed and manufactured by Forbes Marshall.
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Forbes Marshall Diffuser
Forbes Marshall Diffuser is a compact unit designed to be fitted to the outlet of a steam or air trap discharging to atmosphere. The Diffuser reduces the problems of noise and erosion by dampening high velocity discharge.
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Forbes Marshall Vacuum Breaker
Forbes Marshall vacuum breakers are suitable for general purpose applications such as on condensing vapor (steam) or liquid systems etc.
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Insulation Jackets
Insulation Jackets for different equipment on steam lines by Forbes Marshall reduce energy consumption by minimizing the radiation heat losses
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Forbes Marshall Vent Head
Vent Heads from Forbes Marshall remove the condensate from steam which is being vented out
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Forbes Marshall Pipeline Connectors
Forbes Marshall Pipeline Connectors reduce plant downtime and maintenance costs while conforming to pertinent environment and pollution norms.


We offer leak-proof valve with longer life
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Disc Check Valves (Spring Loaded)
Forbes Marshall Spring Loaded Disc Check Valves are non-return valves which allow flow only in one direction and offer tight shut-off in the opposite direction.
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Piston Valves
Piston Valves from Forbes Marshall are gland-less and seat-less. This unique features makes them leak-less, offering a long service life. 
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Forbes Marshall Safety Relief Valve
Forbes Marshall safety relief valves are high lift safety valves and their effectiveness has been proven over decades.
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Forbes Marshall Piston Actuated Valve
Forbes Marshall Piston Actuated Valves are 2-port pneumatically actuated On/Off valves for use on steam, water, air, oil and gases.

Clean Steam Products

Clean steam products for high purity applications
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Clean Steam Moisture Separator
Forbes Marshall clean steam moisture separator are ideal for removing moisture from clean steam systems.
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Clean Steam Pressure Reducing Valve
Forbes Marshall Clean Steam Pressure Reducing Valve is an angle pattern, self-draining, sanitary pressure regulating valve.
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Clean Steam Safety Valve
The Forbes Marshall Clean Steam Safety Valve is an angle pattern sanitary safety relief valve with stainless steel construction
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Clean Steam Trap
A comprehensive range of thermostatic steam traps that minimize condensate backup for critical steam-in-place applications and high-flow capacities for dual CIP/SIP processes.

Steam Metering

Measure the exact quantity of steam consumed using our accurate flow meters.
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Steam Meter- SteaMon
SteaMon is a sophisticated vortex type flowmeter from Forbes Marshall, with integrated temperature compensation in a 2-wire technology.
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Steam Meter- Accuflo
The steam flow meter Accuflo is a perfect tool for providing exact information about the steam consumption and steam quality.
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Steam Meter- Flowirl 8700
Flowirl 8700 is the only vortex flowmeter with integrated pressure (optional) and temperature compensation in 2-wire technology.