Steam Traps for Mainline

Steam Traps for removing condensate from steam distribution lines
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Thermodynamic Steam Trap
Thermodynamic steam traps with inbuilt strainer and full stainless steel construction, best suited for header and mainline drains and drop legs.
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Compact Module: Thermodynamic Trap
Compact steam trap station with thermodynamic steam trap
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Forbes Marshall Bucket Trap
Forbes Marshall Bucket Trap is the ideal solution for high pressure condensate recovery.
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Forbes Marshall Liquid Drain Trap
The Forbes Marshall Liquid Drain Trap is a condensate drain trap made of cast steel body and cover.
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Forbes Marshall Air Eliminator
Forbes Marshall Air Eliminators are ideal for air removal from liquid lines.
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Bimetallic Thermostatic Steam Trap
Forbes Marshall Bimetallic Steam Traps are thermostatic steam traps which work based on difference between temperature of condensate and steam