Burner - Oil & Gas

Q Series of burners are the result of Forbes Marshall’s in house R&D and meet stringent demands of safety, reliability and flow maintenance cost. They are designed to fire liquid and gaseous fuels, the most common being furnace oil, light oil, natural gas and LPG. In heat throughput terms, the burners vary from 200 KW to 12000 KW.

  • For 1-4.5 TPH capacities, the burners are monobloc construction, with mechanical compound regulation as a standard.
  • For 5 – 9 TPH capacities, the burners are in monobloc construction with electronic compound regulation or mechanical compound regulation.
  • For capacities up to 9 TPH, the combustion air fan is integral with the monobloc burner. For capacities from 10 TPH to 16 TPH, the burner construction is dual bloc with separate combustion air fan.
Features Technical Documentation
Hinged Construction
•    Enable ease of maintenance & assembly without swinging the boiler open
Hydraulic Lance with Slam Shut Off
•    Hydraulic shut off device just behind the tip of the nozzle in oil lance ensures complete closing for zero drip
•    Oil circulates  up to the tip of the nozzle during prepurge, thus flushing out any cold oil in return and therefore hot oil at constant  temperature is available at the oil tip for firing.
Turn Down Ratio
•    Heavy Oil : 1:4
•    Gas :  1:5
•    Burner designed to match the capacity range of the boiler
•    Fan characteristics matched for air volume and pressure drop with fuel requirement
•    Precise design of oil lance, combustion head, punker plate and selection of burner head to match boiler ratings
•    For capacities 5 tph onwards, optional precise electronic compound regulation with fine linearity between low load  and full load for movement of air damper and oil regulator/gas
Monobloc Construction Up to 9 TPH
•    Combustion air fan mounted on burner reduces loss
•    Air ducting and separate foundation eliminated
•    Less space required
•    Ease of maintenance (burner ducting not dismantled for maintenance)
•    Quite Operation
Burner and Boiler from same design source
•    Designed to match Forbes Marshall boiler capacities ie. Maximum firing rate of the burner matches with the maximum heat requirement of the boiler
•    This is unlike our competitors for whom the burner is bought out item common for many applications viz. boilers, thermic fluid heaters, air heaters etc. In such cases, the burner is designed to cover the entire range for different applications including boilers and the boiler manufacturer selects the burner best suited to his application but not really matching  his design
Electronic Compound Regulation
•    Stepless modulating burner is provided with the latest technology of air to fuel ratio control mechanism by electronic compound regulation through independent servomotors for air, oil and gas modulation
•    Ensuring efficient and consistent operation through continuously changing loads
•    This eliminates the hysteresis problem associated with old ratio-control technology of mechanical compound regulation which has a single servomotor with mechanical linkages connected to the air damper and backpressure oil regulator with mechanical cans.