EffiMax 4000 for OIl/Gas Fired Boilers

Why EffiMax 4000?

  • EffiMax 4000 is a touch screen HMI based PLC accepting field inputs to measure and calculate the Boiler Efficiency based on BS845/ASME standards.
  • An inbuilt O2 Trim Control ensures that fine tuning and controlling of O2 at all loads can be achieved.
  • Mechanical Linkage Burners due to backlash and hysteresis cannot control O2 at all firing levels to the ideal values making EffiMax4000 a must for mechanically modulating burners.
  • Operating Blowers at lower fan speeds helps receiving electrical units savings which for large capacity boilers is substantial.

Unique Features

  • Calculates Boiler Efficiency as per BS845/ASME to visualize and benchmark Improvement.
  • Creates Online Parameter Trends and Alarms with useful diagnostics
  • Logs Boiler Data on a remotely located central monitoring PC on RS 485 (Modbus)
  • Generates User Friendly Daily Boiler Reports
  • Inbuilt O2 Trim control for dual fired boilers
  • Inbuilt Intermittent Automatic Blowdown Control System
  • Logs Boiler Data and generates useful reports.
  • Saves O2 Trim Curve for Multiple Fuels
  • Becomes a very user friendly Boiler monitoring tool to keep a check on your Boiler health and helps intimely boiler maintenance.
  • Can interface with existing Burner controllers without O2 Trim control with ease.
  • Consolidated package which can be configured and maintained with ease.

Visible Benefits:

  • Optimum O2 Levels for All firing rates minimizes Stack Losses.
  • Continuous Data Logging keeps you abreast of your boiler health.
  • Operating Blowers at Low speeds gives electrical savings.

Control Philosophy

  • EffiMax 4000 accepts inputs from Steam Temperature, Steam Flow Meter, Flue Gas Oxygen Sensor,
  • Fuel Flow Meter, % Firing feedback (4-20mA) from the burner servo motor or the burner management control system.
  • Based on the feedback received from the servomotor a burner fuel flow vs VFD output characterizer is fed in the EffiMax system.
  • Based on the input received from a highly robust and accurate O2 sensor and the control PID logic incorporated the VFD Output is varied between trim limits to ensure safe operation of the burner and to achieve fixed O2 levels in the stack at all varying operating conditions of the boiler and varying composition of the fuel if any.
  • Is Capable Of Saving and Loading Dual Burner Characteristics For EffiMax 4000.
  • The existing burner management systems can be interfaced to the EffiMax system by incorporating a check of any other Boiler specific interlocks and then releasing a command to the burner management system to start the burner for firing.
  • All Efficiency Calculations are as per ASME standards