Forbes Marshall Back Pressure Regulator

The Forbes Marshall Back Pressure Regulator (BPR) ensures priority sample flow to analyzers. It works in a reverse manner to that of a pressure regulator. That means, it provides constant upstream pressure conditions
irrespective of fluctuations. For analyzers, constant, regulated pressures as well as flow conditions are always required to be maintained.
The BPR ensures extremely stable conditions for the analyzers, resulting in accurate, reliable and stable performance for these analyzers.
The output of a pressure regulator is usually maintained at a higher level, while that of the Back Pressure Regulator is kept at a lower condition (usually 90 to 95% of the pressure regulator output). The difference between the two is bled through a needle
valve and is available for the lab person for collection of the sample.
Features Downloads
  • A precision engineered product
  • Works in an opposite manner to that of a pressure regulator
  • Maintains constant flow and pressure conditions for analyzer
  • Proprietary Forbes Marshall design