As Built Drawings

Process plants undergo various revamps, expansions and modifications based on market demands and business plans. Most of the expansion project are strict on schedule and hence updating the utility drawings gets missed out.

Updated and correct drawings as essential to be maintained in order to -

  • Revamp existing network or undertake an expansion, which needs assessment of the current systems capacities.
  •  For ease of trouble-shooting/ debottlenecking – if what’s on ground is different than what’s on paper, troubleshooting becomes very difficult.
  • For emergency preparedness – In case of emergency, teams can quickly refer to drawings – identify immediate steps such as line isolation and thereby respond to the emergency.


1.  Preparation of P&ID for existing steam and condensate loop marking all steam line accessories with details
2. Preparation of Isometric drawings as per the layout shared
3. Assessment of the current utility distribution network for:
4. Selection of pipeline accessories
5. Identifying redundant steam lines
6. Distribution pressure management
7. Monitoring and metering systems


  • Assessment report detailing suggested modification in the distribution network.
  •  P&I drawings for the existing plant steam and condensate network
  • As-Built drawings of the existing network
  • Proposed P&ID basis assessment