VibTrans-R Vibration Monitoring System in a 19” rack

VibTrans-R 19'' Vibration Monitoring Rack, is the latest technology for maintaining safety in large industrial rotating machines. VibTrans-R is a simple, machinery protection system, a cost effective solution to protect machines by giving online information which enables connect with the PLC or DCS of a plant and to take a shut down whenever required through proper planning. It is a perfect solution to keep your machine running.

VibTrans-R is the right size, right price, right quality product with all the features for vibration monitoring needs.

Features Benefits Typical Configuration Applications Technical Document
  • Microprocessor based digital vibration monitoring system
  • Vibration monitoring system in a 19” rack
  • Redundant and hot swappable functionality for all types of modules
  • Field selectable filters
  • Communication with DCS and HMI via MODBUS – RS 485 and ethernet
  • 4-20 mA and 02 relay outputs per channel
  • Common configuration port for all modules
  • Phase marker connectivity with RPM measurement


  • Connection to analysis software with the help of APU
  • Continuous online monitoring of rotating assets on mobiles through Vibrosense M
  • Remote vibration monitoring