In power plants, high pressure boilers and steam turbines are under constant attack from erosive and corrosive elements such as silica, sodium, dissolved oxygen, calcium, chloride and phosphates.

Forbes Marshall is India's largest SWAS manufacturer with over 700 installation in India and worldwide. Our strong research and development has enabled us to constantly innovate the SWAS to suit customer requirements and needs.

QSWAS™ is a compact preassembled modular, flexible and easy to use system, that enables maximum utilisation of installation space along with an ease of operation. It gives the user complete flexibility in design layout, customisation and expansion of the SWAS panel to suit his ever changing requirements.
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  • Designed as per ASME PTC 19.11-2008 standard guidelines
  • Basic building blocks for systems
  • Easy to replace and install in existing plants
  • Safety & Reliability