Angle Type PRDS Valves

Angle Type PRDS Valves
Low-pressure steam is reduced in the vicinity of the condensers. Angular valves made from piping component are used in applications where pressures are typically very low but large quantities of steam are generated. The temperature can be reduced via an integrated single-phase nozzle on the outlet side.

ARCA control valves optimize efficiency and enable cost-effective operation in small plants and large-scale power-generation facilities. ARCA steam-conditioning valves integrate sound-reduction measures such as perforated plugs and seat rings with graduated control to minimize the impact of sound emissions on humans and the environment. We can even design a silencer system that encompasses the condenser of your plant.
Modular system with standardized components
• All nominal diameters
• Fewer components
• Only one special tool required

Flow-optimized housings
• Low noise emission
• Optimized KV values for all nominal diameters

Optimized trim comprising plug and seat for all application areas
• Adaptable to any requirements
• High control accuracy
• Wide control range
• Low noise emission
Standardized interface to valve actuator
• All types of actuator can be used – pneumatic, electric and hydraulic
• Can be easily reconfigured later on

5 Value trims can be completely removed
• Maintenance work is fast and simple
• All internal parts can be removed
• No special machines required
• All interior components are clamped or screwed (no welding)