In normal Pressure control system, it is needed to have pressure transmitter followed by secondary controller or control system with a valve positioner. The Roboter based pressure control system includes the pressure sensing chamber, the proportional controller duly mounted onto the control valve actuator itself. The system is complete in itself with following outstanding characteristics.

• Separate Interchangeable measuring units
• Locally adjustable set point
• In Built supply air restrictor and output damping throttle
• Reversal of action without any additional components

This simple & economical Roboter Pressure control system can be employed for most stringent applications like Excess pressure control, pump discharge pressure control, Lube oil circuits as well. As the entire system is finally achieving its objective using globe control valve, the rangeability is as high as 40 : 1. This eliminates the issues faced in case of conventional PRVs. It is also preferred unit when critical applications like multiple level of redundancies for pressure control are necessary. As this unit is a standalone, it does not need power or electrical signals for its operation. A simple instrument air tapping is sufficient. Hence there is no need to lay cables, trays etc. The system offers rock steady pressure control throughout entire operational range.
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• Saves installation cost : Controller comes pre-assembled on the valve
• Saves loop cost: Eliminates the need of separate sensor, transmitter, I/P, controller and positioner
• Low maintenance