Globe Type PRDS Valves

Globe Type PRDS Valves
PRDS Valve Series

Series 540 - Water entry from top of PRDS : For high steam pressure drop and high spray water quantity requirement.
Series 520 - Water entry from bottom of PRDS :

  • Through stem : For low steam pressure drop and high or low spray water quantity requirement.
  •  Through nozzle : For high steam pressure drop and low water quantity requirement (Available only in valve sizes 1" and 2" )

  • Pressure reduction and desuperheating in a single valve
  • Immediate response to flow changes
  • No waterhammer
  • No water carryover problems
  • Efficient mixing of spray water
  • Compact design
  • Reduces need for separate desuperheater which reduces labour
  • Reduce length of piping because of elimination of separate desuperheater
  • Available in various types like water entry from top to bottom as per water quantity and pressure available at site
  • Water is injected at the 'Vena Contracta' point which is the most turbulent zone causing complete atomization
  • High turndown ratio possible
  • Improved rate of heat transfer
  • Easy maintenance
  • Some designs don't contain a nozzle which avoides possibility of choking