Smart Positioner

Smart Positioner
Forbes Marshall introduces the latest valve Positioner, the SMARTPoz with Hall effect as well as potentiometric feedback. It is compatible with HART7, and performs several diagnostic functions.

SmartPoz works well with accessories like volume boosters and quick exhaust valves. Furthermore it also has of a very low hysteresis and air consumption. SmartPoz with potentiometric feedback is compatible with a single acting globe valve of any make. All of that coupled with its IP66 and Ex Certification and robust aluminum body and makes it the product to look out for.
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  • High Linearity less than 1%, zero Dead band ,Less than 0.5% Hysterisis
  • IP66, Ex Certification, Bump and vibration testing.
  • NAMUR tubeless connection which eliminates external tubing
  • Works well with accessories like Volume booster, Quick Exhaust valve for quick opening and opening applications
  • Also works with special applications like Split ranging, Desuperheater.
  • Valve Diagnostics parameters like wear and tear of valve etc.
  • Robust design with aluminum Ex d enclosure in all variants
  • Supports HART 7 protocol on 4-20 mA loop.
  • Works with higher range of Instrument Air pressure- 1.5 to 6 bar
  • Lowest air consumption (0.02 m3/h per cycle) certified by FCRI