EffiMax 2000 for FBC/Grate Boilers

Boilers tend to perform at efficiencies lower than the rated. Hence, it is essential to monitor boiler efficiency on a real time basis and take corrective actions to ensure that boiler operates at optimum efficiency.

 Effimax 2000 is a powerful package to monitor the boiler efficiency online. Powered with many powerful features like stack O2 % monitoring etc. Effimax 2000 also calculates different losses taking place.

Following are the different parameters monitored by Effimax 2000-

  • Boiler Efficiency
  • Steam flow
  • Steam pressure
  • Fuel Flow
  • Stack temperature
  • Feed water temperature
  • Boiler Drum TDS
  • Blowdown Loss
  • Steam Temperature
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Total Blowdown
  • Steam Totaliser Reading
  • Fuel Totalizer Reading
  • % O2
  • Stack loss
  • Radiation loss
  • Enthalpy loss

Along with the monitoring, EffiMax 2000 also generates following reports which give significant insights into the boiler operation-

  • Daily shift wise summary report
  • Hourly log report
  • Graphical analysis of key parameters
  • Alarms/Min-Max values