Boiler Peak Performance Service

Boiler Peak Performance service helps achieve proper functioning of instrumentation associated with boilers to get the benefits of sustained peak efficiency.

The role of BPPS comes in picture where Forbes Marshall EffiMax system is fully integrated with Boiler operation. The EffiMax system helps you to better manage and enhance the efficiency of your boiler. The Boiler Peak Performance Service helps to monitor, analyze and improve the performance of the boiler house.
It also covers the training of plant staff to run the boiler house with high efficiency, reliability.

The scope and methodology of the service-

  •     Ensuring Effimax is commissioned completely and is up and running.
  •     Obtaining Effimax Data for a period of 15 days from the commissioning.
  •     Discussing with the end-user on issues that the end-user would like us to address
  •     Analyzing the data and identifying the gaps
  •     Defining the right parameters for the boiler
  •     Looking at other gaps in the boiler house.
  •     Arranging visits of experts for a period of 2-3 days and helping implement all the planned corrections, and if required personally visiting the site.
  •     Monitoring the boiler data thrugh Effimax for another period of 2 weeks
  •     Arriving at an SOP for Efficient Boiler operation
  •     Discussing SOP with the customer and helping the customer implement the same
  •     Provide training to the boiler operators / Plant Engineer for implementing the SOP, corrective actions and preventive maintenance
  •     Follow up with a visit once in 4 months (2 - 4 visits / year)
  •     Quantification of savings