DynaMax Small Industrial Boilers (300 kg/hr)

DynaMax Small Industrial Boilers (300 kg/hr)
DynaMax small industrial boilers are a perfect solution for small steam users. The unique and innovative design of these boilers solves all critical problems which are usually faced by small steam users.
Dynamax boilers are compact, efficient oil and gas fired packaged boilers. These boilers offer substantial savings as compared to coil type boilers.
Designed and manufactured conforming to the IBR code, these are the most compact and efficient shell type industrial boilers available in the range. Dynamax boilers are extremely safe, fully automatic and
user friendly.
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Compact Three Pass Wet Back Boiler

Skid Mounted Boiler with Accessories complete with insulation, cabling and monobloc burner.

89% boiler efficiency and 98 % dryness fraction

100 Deg C Feed Water  Temperature

Built to rigorous Forbes Marshall and IBR Quality Standards