Biomass and Industrial Waste Fired Boilers

Biomass and Industrial Waste Fired Boilers

FORBES VYNCKE is a joint venture between FORBES MARSHALL, India and VYNCKE, Belgium. FORBES VYNCKE brings together a combined experience of over 170 years in steam engineering, combustion technology and boiler construction. FORBES VYNCKE’s energy plants convert biomass and industrial waste into clean energy using a varied range of fuels including biomass briquettes, saw dust, spent grain, rice husk, bagasse, wood chips, coconut shell, palm oil waste, coal and many more, with thermal efficiencies above 80 %. We cater to a broad spectrum of industrial energy users, such as, pharmaceuticals, breweries and distilleries, food processing and agro industries, tyres and rubber, chemicals and textiles. Our knowledge of a variety of fuels and expertise in Thermal & Combustion enable us execute standard and custom solutions for process heat and power.

We are backed by a combined experience of 160 years and over 4500 reference installation globally.
With in-depth experience in combustion technology, boiler construction, automation and control systems we offer complete energy solutions from design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning to training and after-sales service.


The MS-HD DTB Boiler with completely automated operation offers best in class direct efficiency. Automated fuel feeding, continuous air to fuel ratio control and an on-line efficiency monitoring system result in substantial fuel saving for lowest cost of ownership and quicker paybacks.

Boiler with Dynamically Air Cooled Step Grates

  • Boiler Capacities from 1 to 100 MWth (1.5 TPH to 160 TPH)
  • Cogen Capacities from 1 to 10 MWe
  • Energy in the form of steam, hot water, thermal oil, hot gases and electricity ..... in any assorted combination
  • Fuels – Biomass varying from fine, coarse, wet or dry
  • Combustion Technology, boiler construction, control and regulation technology under one roof
  • Total Service – Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation, Commissioning, Training and Service from one Source
  • Flexibility and Variety – Over 4500 references, each different, tailor made to suit a variety of energy needs