Power Boilers

One of the most important tasks in the 21st century is to guarantee sustainable and environmentally- friendly energy supplies in the global effort to protect our climate, nature and the environment.

FORBESVYNCKE takes the lead in playing a vital and dynamic role by establishing biomass-based energy providers. Entering the market with an innovative and efficient steam boiler concept, it was intelligently designed to use a wide range of biomass to generate energy efficiently while anticipating future stricter emission regulations.

An essential element to its design is the ability to use a multiple choice of biomass resources.

To generate electricity, the power plant is fuelled mainly biomass and industrial waste and delivering a greener footprint for every KWe. With cogeneration solutions, the overall energy efficiency reaches up to 83%, which is significantly higher than the efficiency of conventional systems generating electricity and heat separately. Cogeneration is the sequential generation of two different forms of useful energy - electrical and thermal.