MFC 400 Modular Converter

 MFC 400 Modular Converter
MFC 400 Coriolis mass flow signal converter will provide the highest performance possible across a wide range of applications. For the measurement of liquids or gases, cryogenic to high temperature fluids, single or multi-phase fluids and advanced digital signal processing techniques is used to give stable and accurate measurements of mass flow, density and temperature.
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• High performance signal converter with multiple output options
• Developed according to IEC 61508
• Safe configuration via local display or HART®
• Partial proof test capable
• Smart diagnostics, covering entire devices in less than a minute
• NE 107 status indicated by display background light
• Entrained Gas Management (EGMTM) –the new standard for entrained gas immunity
• Excellent long-term stability
• Optical and mechanical keys for ease of use
• Redundant data storage in signal converter housing
• Real time clock for logging events
• Overall, flexible lock concept
• HART®7