Monitor AMI Turbiwell Power for Turbidity Measurement

Nephelometric system based on ISO 7027 for the automatic and continuous measurement of turbidity in pure water in watersteam cycles.
Complete system including optoelectronics, sample chamber, turbidimeter and sample flow meter mounted on stainless steel panel.
Further options
Turbidity verification kits (low or high FNU for dry verification)
Features Benefits Downloads
  • Non-contact turbidimeter: System optics is not in direct contact with sample, no fouling on optical surfaces
  • Suitable for the measurement of other liquids of which the turbidity correlates with the concentration of a suspended solid or an emulsified liquid, eg. an oil water emulsion
  • Measuring range: 0.000 - 200.0 FNU/NTU automatic range switching
  • Precision: ± 0.003 FNU/NTU or 1% of reading
  • Manual or automated draining of the sample chamber
  • Simple programming of all parameters by keypad
  • Electronic record of major process events and calibration data
  • Measurement values are available as analog output signals
  • potential free alarm contact as summary alarm indication for programmable alarm values and for instrument faults
  • Input for potential free contact to freeze the measuring value or to interrupt control in automated installations (hold function or remote-off)
  • Factory tested, ready for installation and operation