Relisafe-TP Thermal Shut off Valve

Forbes Marshall's Relisafe-TP is a mechanical device which ensures protection against temperature overshoot. High temperatures can occur if there is,
- Sudden reduction in cooling water flow
- Failure of sample coils due to stress corrosion cracking (this happens usually due to chloride attacks)
- Inadvertent increase in sample flow
In such adverse conditions, analyzer sensors can be damaged due to high temperature of sample.
We recommend the use of a temperature safety shutoff valve to block high temperature samples which otherwise could damage the analyzer sensors which are delicate and costly.
Features Downloads
  • Self-reliant temperature shut off valve with “manual reset” feature “as per ASME PTC 19.11-2008”
  • No electrical power supply required
  • Fast response
  • Back pressure resistant
  • Temperature sensing element is not exposed to high temperature sample whenvalve is shutdown