Control Compressed Air - MASTER AIR CONTROL -  Maintains balance between demand & supply
The Master Air Control is an award winning solution from Forbes Marshall – It won the CII Design Excellence Award for 2014-15.

The Master Air Control(MAC) is an energy saving controller that helps maintain the balance between the demand and the supply sides. The Master Air Control caters to the continuously fluctuating demand from the user side by delivering a steady pressure. In doing so, it helps in reducing excess loading-unloading of compressors caused by the fluctuating demand and thereby reduces the energy consumed by the compressors.

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The intermittent working of pneumatic equipment causes a constant fluctuation in air demand. Due to constant fluctuations the pressure in the lines can also drop below the minimum required pressure causing problems in a plant operations. Utility managers often react to such scenarios by increasing the pressure set points on the compressors and maintaining a higher average pressure in the lines. As a result, the compressed air system ends up consuming higher amounts of energy.

The Master Air Control introduces a pressure differential between the generation and user side thereby creating a useful buffer. This helps in isolating the compressors from demand surges. Peaks in demand are handled by the MAC rather than the compressors, resulting in significant energy savings.

 Without a certain With an increased demand signal, the pressure starts building and probably by the time the pressure is built to match the demand, the demand may have gone down. Thus, the pressure built tends to supply air for artificial demand.