SequenceAIR - Intelligent compressor control
The Forbes Marshall SequenceAIR offers intelligent compressor control to efficiently and economically manage your compressed air system. It pro-actively and dynamically determines the compressors to use for the required system load and keeps the system operating in a narrow band. It can also be set up to automatically change the compressor sequence basis, a settable order, day and time.
Features Technical Doc
• Touch screen HMI display
• Pressure schedule specification
• Target pressure setting
• Pressure band setting
• Individual compressor priority selection
• History and trending display
• Web based control features
• Configuration and information menus
• Continuous system pressure display
• Full range diagnostics
• Maximum system pressure safety setting
• Individual compressor information
• System response tuning
• Pressure sensor calibration
• Power failure auto restart
• Security feature
• Auto default to local control
• Day and time clock