CountAIR - Complete Monitoring Solution For Your Compressed Air Network
CountAIR is the complete monitoring solution for energy management of any compressed air system. The CountAIR enables plant managers to take complete control of their compressed air network and make well-informed decisions on managing their energy consumption.
CountAIR compressed air monitoring system provides real-time information on all parameters of a compressed air network – flow, pressure, energy consumption etc – throughout the network and helps users identify issues as and when they arise.

CountAIR makes compressed air monitoring easy and rewarding. It enables you to access data and network performance from anywhere, helping achieve energy savings easier and more transparent.
Benefits Features Catalogue Specifications
• Real-time specific compressor and machine data
• Deviations of any machine or area from its trend line and rated consumption
• An overall plant demand overview
• All necessary information to save and control
• Unaccounted losses in the system