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FM 1104 – Liquid filled pH electrode for pure water applications

FM 1104 is a liquid filled maintenance free pH electrode specially designed for pH measurement in samples that have very low conductivity. Liquid electrolyte ensures quick and reliable pH measurement of such critical applications.

  • Suitable for process temperatures up to 80°C and samples with just 2 uS/cm conductivity.
  • Maintenance free and simple handling.
  • A proprietary electrolyte provides more consistent readings in low ionic content samples than conventional sensors.
  • 3 ceramic diaphragms for flow independent signals.
  • Special  “F” glass provides stable readings.
Easyferm Plus Chemotrode Polilyte Plus Inchtrode Easycontrol ORP

Easyferm Plus  - pH electrode for Pharma/Biotech Applications.

A Special designed maintenance free electrode for Pharma/Biotech application which has semi-viscous liquid filled electrode for critical biotech applications. This electrode has a special pH sensing glass that gives a reliable pH value even after steam sterilization, Autoclaving or CIP. EASYFERM can be supplied with or without in built temperature sensor. This model can be offered with various types of connectors.

• Steam Sterilizable, Autoclavable and CIP capable.
• EVEREF-F reference cartridge.
• "PHI" pH Glass.
•Pt 100 in VP-Version.
•Can be used for Sterile applications.
• Space saving design.
• Properties of the Electrolyte prevent clogging of Diaphragm because of High protein media, thus giving better results and longer life.
•Ensures good contact with the solution and thus better performance.
• Ensures long electrode life in High pH and High temp. Environment.
• Gives longer Electrode life and better return on investment.
• Maintenance free electrode.