Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes

Oxygold Do Sensors Oxysens Do sensors Oxyferm DO sensor Visiferm DO – Optical Dissolved Oxygen sensor.
OXYGOLD G Dissolved oxygen sensor for use in trace measurement Range O2: 1 ppb to saturation or 0.02% - 200% of air oxygen. This sensor can withstand 130 degree temperature and maximum pressure of 12 bar. OXYGOLD has in built temperature sensor 22 KOhms for auto temperature correction.

• Developed for use in power plants or chemical, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries.
• Suitable for use at high temperatures, high pressures, during sterilization and CIP• Easy to maintain.
• Inner body can be replaced by user
• High sensitivity.
• Fast response time: t98% < 60 sec.
• Materials and inspection certificate
• 12 mm shaft diameter, VP plug.