Aquamax - The aeration control system

The main consumer of energy at any wastewater treatment plant is the wastewater aeration system for introducing oxygen, at around 70 % of the total energy consumption.
Along with escalated energy usage, inefficient aeration system is extremely undesirable by the industries as it also strains operational budget of waste water treatment plant due to unnecessary aeration.
With increasing awareness, each industry is now looking for opportunities to optimize their energy usage.

Wouldn't it be great if one can optimize the aeration control system?

At Forbes Marshall, we are committed to developing products which actively monitor and control your energy supply. Our product, Aquamax is a complete solution consisting of intelligent algorithm which controls blower operations such that it optimizes variation on account of change in load either in terms of influent quantity or the composition of effluent.
Benefits Specifications Technical Doc
1. Continuous measurement and control
2. Automated uniform control of Diffused Oxygen level
3. Helps you meet the pollution norms with minimal investment
4. Reduction in waste water treatment operational costs