Aqua 2-wire series SMARTPro transmitter

Forbes Marshall, the pioneers in Water Quality analysers in India introduces the Aqua SMARTPro Series, an in-house developed microcontroller based 2-WIRE HART Transmitter which assures continuous and reliable measurement of parameters like pH, Redox, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity and Resistivity which are of vital importance spread across the entire spectrum of process and water measurements.
Features Specifications Applications Technical Documentation
  • A User Friendly, menu driven program for configuration.
  • Inbuilt non-volatile memory.
  • Push-button for calibration and sensor offset adjustment from the keypad, additional magnetic key for programming.
  • Automatic temperature compensation (ATC).
  • Manual temperature compensation setting without the ATC probe, with independent setting for calibration and process temperature.
  • One galvanically isolated Current output 4...20mA with HART 7.0 compatibility.
  • UV light protected dual display LCD.
  • Protection against electromagnetic interference.
  • Three galvanically isolated relay outputs for over-range, under-range and alarm.
  • Separately adjustable high and low set-point hysteresis (dead bands) and delay for relay output.