This sophisticated yet simple to use SafetyMax system operates on-line, continuously monitoring your boiler every instant of its operation and providing user with all critical safety interlocks and controls.

Its on-line parameters include following displays ,safety interlocks and controls -

  •  Monitoring of critical drum level.
  • Monitoring of critical drum pressure
  • Safety trip over-ride of critical drum level and pressure.
  • Boiler feed water tank Level recording and related interlocking
  • Stack temperature recording and related interlocking,
  • Boiler Drum T.D.S monitoring and related interlocking.

A dedicated BC3250 Controller inside Boiler-Safe will control TDS by Bottom Blow-down. Its 4-20mA analog output is given to Boiler-Safe to monitor TDS for safe operation.

It comes with the user friendly touch screen display. The display is used to show a colored representative mimic of the boiler and all online values.
 Navigation to different screens like trends, alarms etc. is done easily by pressing the display at the point where buttons are shown.
The display is also provided for easy data entry and settings through pop up key pads,eliminating the use of any fixed keys. It also provides an output, which enables all the boiler data to be displayed on PC using proprietary software. The PC Interface of system represents data like the input parameters and the losses on user friendly screens with real-time and historical trends.

It logs the required data and generates graphic and text reports for the boiler operator and the management automatically to analyze boiler performance at a glance.


  1. A supervisory system that connects all the instrumentation on the SCADA software and can give commands remotely to start and stop the boiler. The control is local + remote.
  2. The supervisory system inspects all the critical safety related instrumentation and gives one complete picture of the safety of the boiler operation.