Marshall B Series Industrial Boilers (1000-5000kg/hr)

Oil and Gas Boiler – 1 TPH to 5 TPH – Marshall B
Over 3000 Forbes Marshall 3-pass wetback boilers are generating steam in plants across globe. These boilers provide the driest steam possible from the least amount of fuel and floor space. The true 3-pass fully wetback design ensures low flue exit temperatures resulting in high thermal efficiency.

Marshall B boilers are designed for easy maintenance and inspection. Hinge mounted front doors and rear lift-off doors give you clear and instant access. Every Marshall B boiler is manufactured with the latest submerged arc fabrication technology to ISO 9001, IBR standards. Every boiler is a complete packaged unit, compact and occupies minimum floor space.
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  • Truly Packaged : Pre-wired, Skid mounted, Pre-insulated
  • Compact design :
    • Less floor space required
    • Helps keep radiation losses lower
    • No requirement of heavy civil foundation
  • Specially developed pressure jet monobloc burner
    • Takes care of practical aspects of maintenance
  • All mountings and accessories comply to highest quality standards