Solid Front Pressure Gauge ( SF)

Solid Front Pressure Gauge ( SF)
The SF model solid front pressure gauges are ideal for the hard  conditions and the resulting high demands on pressure measuring in  production facilities in chemical industry and other comparable branches.
The safety execution of the pressure gauges comprises a burst-proof  solid front between bourdon tube and window, a laminated safety glass as well as a blowout back (according to IS3624:1987).
Product Benefits Applications Technical Documentations
  • Rugged Construction
  • Solid front between measuring system and window
  • Fulfills highest safety requirements
  • Overload capacity 1.3 times of FS
  • Protection to IP55
  • Accuracy class 1,0 % of FS standard
  • Casing, die cast Aluminium with Solid Front
  • Stainless Steel / Brass Measuring System as standard