SS Case Bourdon Pressure Gauge (SP)

SS Case Bourdon Pressure Gauge (SP)
The SP model process pressure gauges are ideal for the hard conditions and the resulting high demand on pressure measuring in production facilities in chemical industry and other comparable branches.Resistance to aggressive media and environments is achieved by using high grade material such as stainless steel both for measuring system and the casing. The glycerin filling on these gauges ensure smooth pointer movement and thus good readability even in extreme load and strong vibration conditions. The lubricating effect of the glycerin also provide protection against increase wear. The modem modular construction system with welded construction sealing system, tried and tested for many years, ensures a high level of functional safety and strong long services life.
Product Benefits Applications Technical Documentation
  • High realibility and long service life due to modular construction system.
  • Overload capacity 1.3 times of FS
  • Protection to IP65
  • Accuracy class 1,0 % of fs standard
  • Casing, stainless steel 304 standard
  • stainless steel measuring system
  • Rigid Display free from vibrant