PP Gauges

PP Guage
PP gauge is offered with an as-welded Bourdon tube to ensure safety and a longer life than other comparable gauges. Meeting ASME B40 .1. Standard the Type PP process gauge has been engineered to meet market requirements.
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  • Solid front safety case
  • Accuracy complies with ASME B 40.1 Grade 2A (± 1% of span and 0.5% on request)
  • As-welded Bourdon tube for safety and longerlife
  • Micrometer adjustable pointer
  • Adjustable movement
  • Date coded socket to ensure pedigree
  • Wetted part material printedondial
  • Liquid filled case option(CodeL)
  • InternalStoppinat1.5*fullscale
  • Overload and under load stops-Standard