DK 34/37/32

Variable Area Flow Meter - DK 34/37/32

DK- all metal flowmeters are suitable for measuring the volumetric or mass flow rate of liquids, gases and vapors. Thanks to the rugged design, the flowmeters are especially suitable for difficult operating and environmental conditions. The slim design allows high packing density. It has simple installation & start-up. It is corrosion resistant & low maintenance. The variants available are:
DK32 with horizontal connections - with valve.
 DK34 with vertical connections - without valve.
 DK37 with high degree of measuring accuracy and large display.
 DK37 with vertical connections - without valve.
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  • Low cost.

  • Easy to install.

  • Flow measurement is possible in all directions.

  • Relatively low maintenance required.

  • Can be used for both gas and liquid applications.

  • Accuracy is of 1.6 class (approximately 1.6% to 2% of the measured value).

  • Reliable and trouble free operation.

  • Turndown is of 10:1.

  • Irrespective of size the length is 250mm as standard.

  • It can handle viscous liquids upto maximum 250cP.

  • We can supply VA meter with temperature range of -80 to 200 degree Celsius other ranges on request.