Ultrasonic Flow Meters - ALTOSONIC-5
The ALTOSONIC 5 for fluids has established itself as the standard in multi-path
custody transfer flow metering. The absence of obstructing and moving parts ensures no wear or pressure loss. This in combination with large meter sizes permits simplified configuration of metering systems.
Features Industries Applications Technical Documents

• All fluids and no Reynolds restriction
- Widest certified turndown
- Guaranteed performance in all flow regimes (laminar, transition and turbulent)
- Multi-product application
- From light to heavy crudes and LNG
- Bi-directional flow measurement
• Proven long-term stability
- No moving parts
- Longest installed base (1996 - present)
- No unscheduled downtime due to transducer failure since introduction
• Small footprint
- Short inlet run
- Short installation height
• Entrained gas detection (Full Pipe Guarantee)
- Dedicated diagnostic path
- Permanent diagnostics
• Compact prover compliance (SVP)