Measuring principle:
Short ultrasonic pulses in the range of 35 kHz to70 kHz are emitted by the transducer to the product surface, reflected there and received by the transducer. The pulses travel at the speed of sound - the elapsed time from emission to reception of the signals depends on the level in the vessel.
The latest microcomputer technology and the proven processing software select the level echo from among any number of false echoes and calculate the exact distance to the product surface. An integrated temperature sensor detects the temperature in the vessel and compensates the infuence of temperature on the signal running time.
By simply entering the vessel dimensions, a level-proportional signal is generated from the distance. It is not necessary to all the vessel for adjustment.


  •   Level measurement during processing and storage of liquids.
  • Sumps, water and wastewater basins.
  • Noncontact flow measurement and detection in open channels.
Benefits Product Specifications Applications Technical Documentation
  • Low cost
  • Highly reliable and accurate.
  • Virtual Maintenance free.
  • Easy to install.