OPTISWITCH 4000 | 5000 series

OPTISWITCH 4000 | 5000 series
OPTISWITCH 4000/5000 series operates using a vibrating fork to reliably detect the level of liquids independently of adhesion on the fork, container vibrations or changing product properties. Thanks to the high reproducibility of the switching point and the integrated function monitoring, the OPTISWITCH can be used for high and low level alarms, overfill protection, dry-run detection or pump control in virtually every liquid application.
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  •   Output options: relay, transistor, NAMUR, contactless electronic switch and 2-wire
  •   5000 series: Plastic, aluminium or stainless steel housings
  •   LED signal lamp for indicating the switching condition (with plastic housing only)
  •   5000 series: Large choice of materials for wetted parts. This includes 316L, Hastelloy C4, enamel, ECTFE and PFA.
  •   5000 series. Probe length: 53...6000 mm /2...236"
  •   Repeatability: +/-2 mm
  •   Thread connections G/NPT ¾; flange sizes from DN25 PN40; Triclamp 1" or 2" and other hygienic fittings