OPTISWITCH 6500 C | 6600 C

OPTISWITCH 6500 C | 6600 C
The OPTISWITCH 6500 and OPTISWITCH 6600 are hygienic level switches for level detection and dry-run protection for liquids and solids. Through its small and optimal sensor shape, the device is easy to clean and the risk of clogging of sticky products is minimised. The device measures liquids such as water and beer and even viscous and sticky products such as honey or toothpaste. Dry medias (sugar or flour) can be also measured. The measurement is precise and not affected by the mounting position. Coating of the sensor or condensate are not detected. The OPTISWITCH 6500 and OPTISWITCH 6600 are resistent against CIP and SIP agents. Hygienic installation is possible with the comprehensive range of accessories. Please refer to the specific data sheet "Accessories".
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• Process temperature -40 ...+200°C / -40...+392°F (sliding connection)
• Insensitive to build up or foam
• Measures alternating media
• LED switching point indication through cover
• Hygienic switch entirely made of stainless steel
• Excellent for media separation
• No blockage of the pipeline