BW 25

Displacer Type Level Indicator - BW 25
Liquid level indicator: BW 25.
Level measurement of liquids, even at high pressures using the displacement principle.

Operating principle:

The BW 25 liquid level indicator operates on the displacement principle. The length of the displacement rod corresponds to the measuring range.A displacement body suspended on a measuring spring is immersed in the liquid and is subjected to an upthrust based on Archimedes’ principle, this being proportional to the mass of the liquid displaced. Every change in the weight of the rod corresponds to a certain change in the length of the spring, and is therefore an indication of the liquid level. Extension of the spring is transmitted by magnetic coupling from the measuring zone to an indicator. This transmission method permits pressure-tight separation of the measuring spring system and the scale.
Features Applications Technical Documentation
 •  Modular assembly, replacement or retrofit without interruption of the process
 •    Pressure tight separation of measuring and display parts
 •    Interface detection possible
 •    Displacement rod available 0.3 – 0.6 m ( 1- 20 ft)
 •    Resistant to high pressures ≤ 700 bar (10000 psig) and high temperature ≤ 400°C (752°F)