BTU Meter / Net Heat Metering

BTU Meter / Net Heat Metering
In almost all Cooling applications chilled water is used. One is interested in knowing the amount of energy extracted from the cooling media and not the flow rate. This involves the measurement of flow of the cooling medium, the inlet and outlet temperature and then using temperature difference to calculate the Net Heat transferred.

Krohne Net Heat Meters (NHM) / British Thermal Unit (BTU) meters use accurately calibrated Electromagnetic Flowmeter, Matched pair of temperature sensors and computing unit to calculate Net Heat consumed.

Net Heat = Qm X Enthalpy Difference (HT1 – HT2)

Advantages over Conventional BTU metering systems:

In the conventional systems billing is done based on the area acquired by each tenant. This leads to heavy losses to the service provider or the tenant as the tenant pays according to the area acquired and actual consumption of energy is not calculated.

The Krohne BTU meters offer the billing based on the actual consumption of energy by each tenant. Thus each tenant pays only for the usage of the energy. This provides accurate billing solution.
Features Application Catalogue
  • Single source for flowmeters, temperature sensors and net heat computing unit
  • The NHM system uses most accurate type of electromagnetic flowmeters for the measurement of flow
  • All the flowmeters factory calibrated to ascertain highest accuracy over longer period of time
  • Matched pair of accurately calibrated Temperature transmitters
  • User defined flow units for the flowmeter
  • Flowmeters display instantaneous and totalized flow
  • User defined (Factory set) units for the Net Heat computing units
  • Non volatile memory stores the data in case of power failures