WATERFLUX 3070 is the first battery powered water meter for the drinking water industry that is capable of measuring flow, pressure and temperature with one sensor. To enable remote access to flow, pressure and temperature data the WATERFLUX 3070 has a RS485 Modbus RTU communication option. For this it has a special Modbus version designed for battery operation. With its real-time-data on flow, pressure and temperature the WATERFLUX 3070 provides important data to support customers business processes like zoning for water balance (DMA), water abstraction, pressure management, and revenue collection.   
Features Applications Technical Doc Industries
  • Unique rectangular flow tube design 
  • Diameter range from DN25 to DN600 
  • Installation without inlet and outlet sections 
  • High accuracy at peak flows during the day and at low flows during the night  
  • First water meter with integrated pressure and temperature sensor  
  • Multiple power concept for any location 
  • Battery power for remote locations or mains power with battery backup 
  • FlexPower option for a power connection to electrical grid, solar panel or wind mill
  • Communication via RS485 Modbus RTU 
  • Unique low power Modbus option for battery power version  
  • IP68 rated sensor and converter for immersion in flooded chambers 
  • Plug and play IP68 rated connectors 
  • Special coating for subsoil sensor installation
  • Reference electrode makes grounding rings obsolete 
  • Certified to OIML R49 (cl 1 & 2) & MID MI-001 up to DN600 
  • Rilsan® coating with wide range of drinking water approvals