Coil-In-Coil type Sample Cooler : CoolMax Series

Coil-In-Coil type Sample Cooler : CoolMax Series
Forbes Marshall now brings you the CoolMax - a sample cooler for monitoring quality of clean steam & Water-for-Injection (WFI) designed to meet the high quality requirements & hygienic standard of the pharmaceuticals industries as per ASME BPE 2007.

This cooler is designed to allow clean steam & WFI samples to be taken quickly, easily & safely whilst maintaining the product sterility during testing. Sampling is achieved by bleeding a flow of clean steam or WFI through the unit controlled by using a throttling valve & supplying cooling water through the outer annular shell. This water absorbs heat from the test sample, condensing or cooling the sample prior to discharge from the coil
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  • Designed as per ASME BPE 2007 to meet the high quality   requirements & hygienic standards of pharmaceuticals & medical industries
  • All surface wetted by the sampling medium are highly polished of
               Ra = 0.5μm or 20μI
  • Single continuous sampling tube to avoid cross contamination between fluids.
  • Fully drainable Inner & Outer tubes.
  • Complete 316 stainless steel construction through out suitable for clean steam & WFI system.
  • Provided with Tri-clamp fittings as per ASME BPE – 2007 for easy installation.
  • Rugged design with thick walled seamless tubes offers highresistance to thermo-hydraulic shocks.
  • Supplied with Tuff steel gaskets for leak proof operation at high pressure/temperature applications up to 260 deg c.
  • Enhanced turbulence to avoid deposits.